Britain’s Duke and Duchess of Cambridge meet biggest fan

Britain’s Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have met their biggest fan in India.
The royal couple took time out of their hectic schedule to meet 93-year-old restauranteur Boman Kohinoor after he started a social media campaign, “#WillKatMeetMe (sic)”, to come face to face with the royals.
A spokesperson for Kensington Palace said of the meeting: “Their Royal Highnesses heard about his lovely comments to the press and his social media campaign about his hopes to meet them upon landing on Sunday.
“They would have loved to visit his restaurant, but with time tight, staff from The British Deputy High Commission went to visit him in person to invite him to the Taj to say hello before last night’s gala. They spent five minutes chatting and laughing and Their Royal Highnesses were very grateful for his enthusiasm and warmth.”
Boman is a huge fan of the royal family and prior to the Duke and Duchess’ visit, he revealed his restaurant is full of pictures of the monarchy, with the most special one being sent all the way from London by Queen Elizabeth herself.
He said previously: “She was so sweet, she was so good, to send me her full size picture from London and I got it framed.”