Britain’s Duchess of Cambridge draws picture of childhood home

Britain’s Duchess of Cambridge drew a picture of her childhood home for Indian children.
The 34-year-old royal was taking part in a drawing class put on by children’s charity Childline and was so thrilled with the pictures she was given by the children, she decided to join in on the fun.
Shansad Abdul, who helped Duchess Catherine colour in her picture, said of their meeting: “I liked doing it with her very much and I learnt how to draw trees and greenery. She was a very good lady and very happy to sit and draw with me. I ran away from home because my family are very poor and couldn’t look after me.
“I came to Delhi from Purniya in the state of Bihar because I knew my older brother was married and living here. I came on my own and all I knew was that I wanted to find him. But when I went to his address he had moved and I had no knowledge of where he was and nowhere to go.”
Duchess Catherine and her husband, the Duke of Cambridge, also met with representatives from charity Salaam Baalak, which provides food, education and accommodation to homeless children.
Sanjoy Roy, director of the charity, told the royal couple: “We look after around 7000 kids a year, but every day around 40 to 50 new children arrive at the station. They often have to deal with trauma, learning difficulties, ADHD and we have special programmes to help them with that.
“These children that we look after are the most vulnerable. Some may have their eyes gouged out or hands hacked off. The primary reasons they run away from home are misunderstanding with step-parents, physical and mental abuse, incredible poverty or a life event such as forced marriage.”