Britain’s Duke and Duchess of Cambridge head out on safari

Britain’s Duke of Cambridge finally made a long-awaited visit to Kaziranga National Park yesterday (13.04.16).
The 33-year-old royal was joined by his wife, the Duchess of Cambridge, for a tour around the beautiful park, where all their focus was on the conservation of its inhabitants.
The royal couple began their day with a drive around the park, which is situated on a flood plain, where they managed to spot wild elephants and rhinos.
A spokesperson for the British Deputy High Commission in Kolkata, India shared: “The Duke and Duchess also met rangers inside Kaziranga. The park has had success in recent years with protecting its animal populations from poachers. This has begun to change, however, with a number of recent poaching incidents. Rhinos are in particular danger as demand in other parts of Asia for their horns continues to rise.
“Traffickers in South East Asia are now marketing Indian rhino horn as ‘fire horn’ and lying about its increased potency when compared to African horn. The Duke used this visit to speak out against the lies and violence that threaten this valuable species and the communities that rely on it.”
Prince William has long been a supporter of animal conservation, having recently unveiled a treaty that he says will be “game changer in the race against extinction”.