Prince Harry’s live radio faux pas

Britain’s Prince Harry said “a**e” live on air during a BBC interview.
The 31-year-old royal appeared on Chris Evans’ radio show on Wednesday (27.04.16) to promote the upcoming Invictus Games, the Paralympic-style event for wounded soldiers, which will take place in Orlando, Florida, in May, when he blurted out the word.
He said: “It is epic amounts of fun, and it’s for everyone. And these guys are fantastic ambassadors for going out there and putting on a show.
“They want to be able to serve their country again, put the Union Jack on their left breast and kick the a**e out of life.”
Red-haired Chris had earlier introduced the flame-haired royal by saying: “Next on the show… HRH Prince Harry will be here. Ginge on Ginge.”
Harry then joked: “Morning ginge” and Chris replied, “Good morning ginge.”
Meanwhile, Harry joked that he stole the idea for the Invictus Games from the US after he saw their Warrior Games.
He added: “We learned power of sport is unbelievably special. The reason it was a success was because of these competitors and the public who came out to support us.
“It’s fun it’s epic amount of fun. These guys are fantastic ambassadors. It’s all about getting behind your local hero.”