Prince Philip’s mafia joke

Prince Philip made a mafia joke when he met an Italian tourist.
The 94-year-old royal was chatting to a visitor at Windsor Castle last week when she told him she was from Italy and Philip couldn’t resist poking fun.
He replied: “What are you running away from? Mafia?”, according to the Daily Mail.
Philip is known for his quips and recently made a joke about Birmingham accents during a visit to the city.
The Duke of Edinburgh accompanied his wife Queen Elizabeth to the city to officially open the revamped £750 million New Street railway station and poked fun at the distinctive accent.
When a train announcer called out departure information he asked whether she’d said it in a local accent to which she replied, ‘No’.
He replied: “I suppose you’ve got to announce in an English accent so everyone can understand you.”
However, the exchange is said to have been light-hearted and Network Rail worker Shaun Jasper told the Birmingham Mail newspaper that the royal was “funny”.
However, Philip also pokes fun at himself on occasion and previously mocked his and the rest of the royal family’s regular task of unveiling plaques.
Last year he amused onlookers as he unveiled a plaque by joking: “Ladies and gentleman, you are now going to see the world’s most experienced plaque unveiler.”