Barber keeps sixpence from Prince Philip for over 60 years

A former barber kept the sixpence Prince Philip paid him for a haircut in 1950.
Terence Holmes was an acting petty officer in the Royal Navy on board HMS Chequers and got permission from the ship’s Lt Cdr – Prince Philip – to make some extra money by giving haircuts to the officers.
And after Philip requested his own haircut, Mr Holmes kept the ‘tanner’ the royal paid him with.
He told KentOnline: “That was cheap at the price – in the High Street it might have cost double that. He didn’t really say much. Really, he only socialised with the officers, but he seemed pleased with the cut.”
Mr Holmes even still has his diary from that time with an entry on May 17 1950 reading: “Obtained official permission to cut hair on board from the Duke with a recommend from one of the lads I had done the night before.”
Another entry followed which read: “Cut Philip’s hair (HRH Prince Philip Duke of Edinburgh). Business flourishing. Working flat out.”
At the time the ship was moored in Malta and Philip requested his haircut before going to visit his wife, then known as Princess Elizabeth, who was staying on the island.