Britain’s Prince Harry wants children one day

Britain’s Prince Harry would love to have children one day.
The 31-year-old royal is keen to have a family but insists there are some times when he feels there is “no rush” because some of his friends’ children put him off having his own kids.
He said: “There have been moments through life, especially when we do a tour abroad, when I think, ‘I’d love to have kids now.’ … And then there are other times when I bury my head in the sand going, ‘All right, don’t need kids!’ There’s no rush. I think … I tell you what: There’s been times I’ve been put off having children. I’ve got a couple of mates and being around their children just brings me back down.
However, the flame-haired royal loves being a “fun uncle” to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s children, Prince George, two, and Princess Charlotte, 12 months.
He added: “George and Charlotte will grow up and hopefully find me to be the fun uncle. I always want to be the fun uncle.”
And Prince Harry always wants to forge closer links with the younger generation as he knows they will be responsible for “all the amazing things that are going to happen in the future”.
He told PEOPLE magazine: “All the amazing things that are going to happen in the future, it’s all going to be them. I never want to lose touch with that generation.”
Meanwhile, Prince Harry and his brother Prince William caused “quite a bit of mayhem and chaos” when they were growing up, according to his cousin Peter Phillips.
Peter – who is the eldest grandson of Queen Elizabeth – said: “We had a lot of fun and there was a lot of space for kids to run around in and it wasn’t just us, it was the Wales’ [William and Harry] Freddie and Ella Windsor and the Gloucesters.
“So there was quite a gang of us growing up in that age and it was a lot of fun. We caused quite a bit of mayhem and chaos but fortunately I don’t think we broke too much.”