Britain’s Prince Harry is scared of growing old

Britain’s Prince Harry worries about growing older.
The 31-year-old royal “started panicking” when he suddenly realised he had dropped the hobbies he favoured when he was young, such as playing computer games, and opened up about his feelings on growing old.
He said: “Five years ago was the first time I actually started panicking, thinking to myself that I’m losing touch – that I don’t play Xbox or PlayStation anymore.”
The flame-haired prince – who has taken on more royal responsibilities in recent years such as representing his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, on official engagements overseas – enjoys having a game with his friend’s children to test his fading skills.
He told PEOPLE: “When I do (play), I play against other people’s kids – they kick my a**e. It’s great fun, but I associate little things like that with being out of touch.”
Prince Harry is set to host the Invictus games – founded the games in 2014 – from May 8-12 in Orlando, US, and is keen to get children interested in the sporting event, and stay in touch with the younger generation in general.
He said: “I want to carry on doing the things I love and trying to make a difference, I have to be engaged with kids, and they have to think, ‘He’s relatively cool, we’ll go along with him.’ What I don’t want to do is to turn up at a school and they say, ‘Who’s that joker? He’s 31 years old and boring and doesn’t have a clue.”