Prince George Embarrassed Prince Harry in Front of President Obama

Britain’s Prince George embarrassed his uncle Prince Harry in front of President Obama during his visit last month.
The two-year-old royal – the son of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge – left the flame-haired royal a little red-faced when the American head of state and his wife Michelle stopped for dinner at Kensington Palace in London.
Speaking on ABC’s ‘Good Morning America’, the First Lady explained how George kept asking why his uncle was so “quiet” while they were trying to eat.
She added: “The most precious thing if you haven’t already fallen in love with him, is to see him with his nephew.”
To which Harry replied: “So embarrassing. I was on my best behaviour, I’m normally throwing him around the room.”
But the 31-year-old prince doesn’t just want to make his nephew and 12-month-old niece Princess Charlotte giggle with his silly behaviour, as he’d also like to do the more serious stuff with them and teach them new things.
Harry wishes he could have brought the pair out to the US to watch his Invictus Games – a sporting contest for injured service personnel which is currently taking place in Florida – and meet the remarkable military veterans.
He said recently: “It’s a shame that they’re not old enough to come out here but hopefully whether it’s the next games or the ones after that, get them down there and give them an opportunity to come and enjoy it and see some remarkable people doing some amazing things. I think George is almost at that age where he would completely get it, completely understand and probably be one of those kids going up going, ‘You’ve got no legs, why’s that?’ And the guys would be more than happy to tell the kids that.”