Britain’s Prince Harry rides Disney World’s Splash Mountain again

Britain’s Prince Harry returned to Disney World’s Splash Mountain ride 23 years after visiting the attraction with his mother Princess Diana.
The flame-haired royal flung his arms in the air and whooped with joy as he shot down the same water ride in Orlando, Florida, that he went on in August 1993 with the Princess of Wales – who died four years later in a car crash in Paris – and brother Prince William.
The 31-year-old Prince told TV crew it felt “fantastic” to return to Disney World’s Magic Kingdom during his trip to the US to host the Invictus games, which took place from May 8-12 in ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex nearby.
He told CBS show ‘This Morning’: “We had happy memories. It was absolutely fantastic. This was one of the main reasons for coming to Orlando. Disney World next door.”
Prince Harry brought his palace entourage to the theme park in the late evening and the group enjoyed the ride in the dark.
Meanwhile, during his visit to the States, the royal recalled his first time at Disney World and revealed he got sick after he and his brother went on Splash Mountain over a dozen times.
He said: “We went around Space Mountain 12 or 14 times, so much so that my policeman had to get off and vomit over the bench!
“When you are that age you are invincible. And you slowly become uninvincible as you start breaking things.”
Prince Harry stayed in Disney World’s Grand Floridian resort, where he also stayed with his family over two decades ago.