Mike Tindall: Mia could be a farmer when she grows up

Mike Tindall thinks his daughter could grow up to be a “farmer”.
The toddler, who is the daughter of Zara – the second-eldest grandchild of Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip – lives on a farm near her grandmother Princess Anne’s Gatcombe Estate in Gloucestershire and enjoys the outdoors and playing on tractors.
And her father Mike, 37, wouldn’t be surprised if the two year old decided to look after the land and animals when she is older.
He said: “Mia loves being up high so she doesn’t miss anything. She loves being outside and is full of life. One of her favourite adventures is sitting in the cockpit of a tractor and playing with all the buttons. Who knows? Maybe she’ll grow up to be a farmer.
However, Mia is showing signs of loving sport and her doting dad, who is the former England rugby captain and member of the 2003 World Cup-winning squad, was even tempted to place a bet on his daughter becoming an Olympic gold medalist in trampolining, since she loves the ones the family have in their garden.
He added to Hello! Magazine: “She also loves fairground rides and trampolines.We have a trampoline in the back garden and she would happily bounce on it most of the day. I looked into the odds of her winning an Olympic gold medal as a trampolinist and they were shorter than I imagined – although not good enough at 500-1 to place a bet on.”