Mike Tindall: Zara is a fantastic chef

Zara Phillips is a “fantastic chef” according to her husband Mike Tindall.
The second eldest granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth II is a talented cook and can whip up delicious dishes like fish stew and loves to “experiment” with ingredients in the kitchen.
Mike, 37, – who wed the blonde beauty in 2011 – is great at making sweet treats but that’s about all and added: “I’m good at making chocolate brownies, sticky toffee puddings and chocolate fondants. When we have people over, I prepare deserts. But I can only cook from a recipe book. It’s Zara who’s the fantastic chef in our house. She makes a lot of fish dishes and isn’t afraid to experiment.”
The former England rugby star retired from the sport in 2014 and now enjoys spending quality time with the couple’s two-year-old daughter Mia.
He told Hello! magazine: “One thing I vowed when I finished playing was that I didn’t want to be away from home all the time. I used to leave the house at 6am and return 12 hours later, which mean I hardle ever saw Mia. But the variety of what I do now enables me to appreciate my time with her, to take her to Tumble Tots or go to swimming, cycling, or for walks in the fields with our three dogs. It’s brilliant watching her grow up, especially at this age where she’s turning into a lively little person with character.”
Meanwhile, the hunk insists his future lies with his family and being there for 35-year-old Zara, 35 – who won an Olympic silver medal in horse riding and has hopes of entering the Rio Olympics in August.
He said: “My role is to be there for her in whatever way works best.”