Sleep in Princess Diana’s Childhood Home for £175k

Royal fans can pay £175,000 to stay in Princess Diana’s childhood home for the weekend.
Guests will be able to sleep in the late princess’ old bedroom at the Althorp estate in Northamptonshire, central England, but it will set a party of up to 18 back around £175,000, while a couple will have to fork out around £25,000 for the weekend.
The home is owned by Diana’s brother, Earl Charles Spencer, and his wife, Countess Karen Spencer, came up with the idea of letting the 90-room mansion out to raise money for her charity Whole Child International.
In an episode of NBC News’ ‘On Assignment’ show, which is scheduled to air on Sunday night (29.05.16), he said: “I’ve always thought of this house as contributing. It’s not just a little bastion or fortress of privilege.”
The abode has around 30 bedrooms and has been open to the public for day visitors since 1998, one year after Diana sadly died in a car crash in Paris aged 36.
The late royal was buried on a small island on the 13,000-acre estate’s Oval Lake.
There is also a memorial nearby where visitors can pay their respects to Princes William and Harry’s mother.