Prince Philip wowed by art with Queen’s head

Britain’s Prince Philip was delighted to see a sculpture of a seahorse made entirely from pennies.
The 94-year-old royal, who is married to Queen Elizabeth II, was wowed by the incredbile artwork called ‘Penny For Your Thoughts’ and spotted designs of coins from The Royal Mint that he had specifically chosen during his 40 years as its committee president.
During his visit with the Queen to Cardiff University’s Brain Research Imaging Centre in Wales – where the monarch unveiled the scultpture – the Duke of Edinburgh asked if they were “coins of the realm” and “was pointing out that he had chosen the design of specific coins” sculptor Dr. Gemma Williams told People.
Gemma, a psychiatrist and Ph.D. student at the university, explained to the royal couple that the seahorse signifies part of the brain where memory is stored.
She added: “She (the Queen) said, ‘Oh yes, it does look like a part of the brain.’ She was very sweet. They were really relaxed and friendly and happy. They seemed to enjoy themselves.”
The Queen unveiled the scultpture as part of a ceremony to mark the opening of Cardiff University’s Brain Research Imaging Centre.
Local school children attended the event and took part in experiements which included trying to move a ball with mind control via electrodes on the front of their heads.
Prince Philip said: “He was asking them what they were thinking of to get their brain racing to the end, and one of them said they were imagining being chased by a cheetah.”