Princess Diana and Queen mother were fans of Neighbours

Britain’s Princess Diana and the Queen Mother shared a love of ‘Neighbours’.
The late mother of Prince William and Prince Harry and their departed great grandmother were huge fans of the popular Australian soap, according to actor Stefan Dennis who plays Ramsey Street’s villain Paul Robinson in the long-running series.
He said: “I was told by a very reliable source that I was Princess Diana’s favourite character. The Queen Mum was equally big a fan of Neighbours.”
The 57-year-old actor even claimed the royal family were posted episodes by the BBC – who air the show in the UK – whenever they missed them due to official engagements.
He told The Sun: “My understanding is that whenever they were away doing engagements and they missed episodes, they used to get the BBC to send them across so they could catch up.
“And sometimes they were sent them early or rearranged events for it. I never got invited out for a drinkie with them though.”
Meanwhile, Paul admitted the show’s popularity has diminished over the years since Princess Diana and the Queen Mother tuned in, but he’s still in demand from fans who recognise him in the street.
He said: “Everything’s died down a little bit now. Neighbours has been going on so long – we’ve just clocked over 31 years. So people are more relaxed now. It’s not like the hysteria of the 1980s.
He added to the Radio Times: “I can walk down the street, but people will still want a selfie or an autograph. It’s more usual for them to ask for a photograph these days because everyone has a camera in their hands. Which is good because it takes less time!”