Prince William catches woman taking a selfie

Britain’s Prince William called out a fan who took a selfie of him.
The 33-year-old heir to the throne greeted people at the annual Hillsborough Castle garden party in Northern Ireland on Tuesday (14.06.06) when he spotted 62-year-old Anne Hyndman posing with her back to him in the crowd and her camera phone held up high.
She recalled: “He saw me taking selfies. He said ‘I know what you are doing, you are taking selfies – I can see you out of the side of my eye’.”
But the royal wasn’t offended at her concealed photography skills and joked she was too old to be snapping away like a “young one”.
Annd said: “He came back up and I was taking photos again and he said ‘That’s the woman with the selfies – that’s a young one’s thing, now you are at it’.
Anne, from County Antrim, attended the garden party with her husband Ronnie, who is heavily involved with the Royal British Legion in Portrush, and admitted she couldn’t resist getting her camera out because Prince William – who attended the ceremony with the Duchess of Cambridge – is “just lovely.”
And she said the occasion lit up her summer.
She told the Belfast Telegraph: “It was just the best day we ever had. It was like a dream.”
Meanwhile, the royals aren’t adverse to their own spot of selfie taking.
On Sunday (12.06.16) Prince Andrew ushered his huge family into a group so that he could take a selfie shot of the royal family after Queen Elizabeth’s birthday celebrations.
The older prince managed to get his children Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie, his neice Zara Philips, brother Prince Charles with sons Prince William and Prince Harry and the Duchess of Cambridge among others, to wave at the Queen during the picture as she drove along The Mall after the outdoor bash, that took place near St. Paul’s Cathedral.