Britain’s Queen Elizabeth’s racehorse was put down

Britain’s Queen Elizabeth’s racehorse has been put down at Royal Ascot.
The 90-year-old royal’s stallion called Guy Fawkes was put to sleep after he fractured his off-fore cannon bone, located in the foot, during the early stages of the King George V Stakes during the annual horse racing event in Ascot, which saw vets rush to his aid, according to the Telegraph website.
Speaking about the three-year-old animal’s accident, trainer William Haggis said: “Unfortunately he suffered a compound fracture in a right foot and had to be put to sleep. He just took a false step. It’s very sad.”
However, jockey Pat Smullen who was riding Her Majesty’s horse has admitted these “things” often tend to happen in competitions.
He explained: “The horse did it after a furlong. It’s one of those things that happen in racing occasionally.”
And last year the Queen’s runner Capel Path also suffered a leg injury just two furlongs away from the home stretch in the Britannia Stakes.
Meanwhile, the mother of four – who has sons Prince Charles, Prince Edward and Prince Andrew, as well as daughter Princess Anne – has had 71 winners at ascot is hoping Dartmouth will prove victorious in Saturday’s (18.06.16) Hardwicke Stakes.