Prince William Champions Mental Health for Children

The 33-year-old British royal has admitted he’s incredibly lucky to be the father of Prince George, two, and Princess Charlotte, 13 months, whom he has with his wife Duchess Catherine, and feels it’s important he discusses mental health issues with them.
In a penned editorial for Heads Together – a mental health campaign – on Father’s Day (19.06.16), William said: “Today I celebrate my third Father’s Day as a father. For me it is a day not just to celebrate how fortunate I am for my young family, but to reflect on just how much I’ve learned about fatherhood and the issues facing fathers in all walks of life.
“In particular, it is a time to reflect on my responsibility to look after not just the physical health of my two children, but to treat their mental needs as just as important a priority.”
The Duke of Cambridge went on to ask fathers across the country to speak with their children and understand where they are mentally in order to protect them from falling off the wagon later on in life because they didn’t receive the help early on.
He said: “Recent surveys have found that over half of parents have never broached the topic of mental well-being with their children, and a third would feel failures if their child needed help.
“That’s so sad — no parents whose child needs help is a failure. Taking the next step and actually getting help is what matters.
“Take the opportunity to discuss how you are coping with life and fatherhood with your wife, partner or with your friends. And know that if your son or daughter needs help, they need their father’s guidance and support just as much as they need their mother’s.”