Prince Charles given tour of aircraft carrier named after him

Prince Charles was given a tour of an aircraft carrier named after him in Scotland on Tuesday (21.06.16).
The 67-year-old royal – the son of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip – couldn’t be missed as he arrived at the 65,000-tonne HMS Prince of Wales at Rosyth dockyard on the Firth of Forth in Fife in his hi-visibility jacket.
The duke – who is known as the Duke of Rothesay when in Scotland – appeared to be in his element as he spoke to construction workers and crew members before praising them on the “skills and ingenuity” they have for building the new aircraft carrier bearing his title.
According to the Daily Mail Online, he said: “It is an enormous tribute to your skills and ingenuity, and all the dedication and effort that so many of you have put not only into this ship but her sister ship the Queen Elizabeth, moored next door. Nothing could have given me greater pleasure than to have been with you on this occasion and look forward enormously to this ship being completed and finally at sea, where it will be a great testament to everything that you have put into the building.”
Charles then banged a gavel to signal the crane operators to lower the final 570-tonne section into place on the carrier.