Prince Harry praises ‘exceptional’ Queen

Britain’s Prince Harry says his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth, is the most “exceptional” person he’s ever met.
The 31-year-old royal joined his gran to honour 60 youngsters at the Queen’s Young Leaders Awards at Buckingham Palace last night (23.06.16) and took the opportunity to heap praise on his relative.
He said: “I have been extremely fortunate to meet many exceptional people over the years, but none more so than Her Majesty The Queen.
“As the head of the Commonwealth, the Nation, the Armed Forces and our Family, I – like millions of others across the world – have been able to look to her for inspiration and guidance.”
Harry also praised Elizabeth, 90 – who became queen on February 6, 1952, and was crowned on June 2, 1953 – for being a “selfless” figure.
He added: “The queen, who assumed the challenge of leadership at such a young age, has shown us all the importance of selfless commitment and service.
“She is the example I aspire to and the standard by which I will judge my contribution.”
As well as Harry, the queen was joined by the likes of retired footballer David Beckham and British actor Sir Lenny Henry at the event.