Prince Charles’ 20m salary

Prince Charles’ annual salary has topped £20 million.
Charles draws his income from the Duchy of Cornwall’s assets and received a bumper pay packet after annual profits soared to a record £1,021,724,000.
The Duchy of Cornwall – a private portfolio of land and commercial property that funds the heir to the throne – was established by Edward III in 1337 and taken over by Charles in 1969.
Clarence House said that the accounts had been published because Charles wants to be “transparent about his private money”.
The Duchy has assets including 23 houses in London and the Oval cricket ground, £365million worth of agricultural land and flower farms on the Isles of Scilly but Charles has no access to the capital.
A Clarence House spokesperson said: “This is the Prince of Wales deciding that he wants to be transparent about his private money.
“All the money being accounted for here… is the Prince of Wales’s own money from the Duchy of Cornwall, this is not public money.
“The Duchy is there to fund the heir to the throne, his children and their families in order that they should not receive a direct government grant.
“As Duke of Cornwall, HRH is only entitled to the annual income, which is used to fund the public, private and charitable activities of Their Royal Highnesses.
“The healthy balance sheet is testament to HRH’s successful stewardship of the Duchy, and his desire to nurture the estate in order to pass it on to the next generation in a stronger condition.”