Duchess Catherine praised

Duchess Catherine has been praised for promoting tennis.
The 34-year-old royal is a huge fan of the game and tennis coach Judy Murray – the mother of professional players, Jamie and Andy Murray – was thrilled when Catherine came to one of her workshops in Edinburgh earlier this year.
She told HELLO! magazine: “She came and joined us in Edinburgh when she was on one of her visits. And it was wonderful because she is a huge tennis fan.”
“She’s also a parent and I always say that the parents are the hidden workforce. If they can help the kids to develop the skills they need to play the sport, then they come into your sport better able to do it. For me it was wonderful to have her there because she was genuinely so enthusiastic and meant it.”
And it was previously revealed that Catherine is planning to get her own children, Prince George, two and 13-month-old Princess Charlotte, interested in the game.
Judy said: “She had lots of questions during the session and many, many after the session and that’s a really good sign. She was keen to be able to understand how she could help her children to enjoy sport.
“She was talking about at what age can a child hold a racket. It’s about strength. I was saying to her with children of George’s age you start with a balloon and the hand. It is about doing the right thing at the right time.”