Prince Harry turns down kiss request

Prince Harry turned down a kiss during an official engagement in England on Tuesday (05.07.16).
The 31-year-old British royal was visiting Wigan when one eager fan asked him for a smooch but Harry politely shook her hand instead.
And Harry also turned down a request from a mother who asked him to kiss her baby as he was worried he would make the tot cry.
Addressing the baby, Harry said: “You don’t want a kiss from me because then you’ll cry won’t you.”
And he said to the baby’s mother: “You never know with kids that’s the thing, she starts crying then you know…”
She agreed, saying: “It looks bad.”
He was also serenaded by a group of women, who sang their own version of the Andy Williams song, ‘I Can’t Take My Eyes Off You’.
Harry was in Wigan to visit young people involved with community sports projects.
One of his stops was at Cast North West, an angling venue which aims to improve the employability and educational opportunities of disadvantaged young people.
And while there, Harry even tried his hand at a spot of fishing, joking that it would be “embarrassing” if he didn’t catch anything, according to ITV News.