Prince George plays tennis

Britain’s Prince George plays tennis.
The adorable royal may only be two years old but he’s already expressed an interest in the sport and his mother Duchess Catherine believes he could be a star at a future grand slam tournament if he continues to practice.
Briton Greg Rusedski, who is playing in the men’s invitational doubles, said of his conversation with the duchess at Wimbledon in London on Thursday (07.07.16): “She talked about George, her little boy, playing tennis. He’s got a racket and he enjoys playing tennis.”
The 34-year-old beauty also told the sportsmen she likes to play against her husband Prince William, with whom she also has 14-month-old daughter Princess Charlotte, but he frustrates her when they do because he’s left handed.
Greg said: “Obviously she plays with William…So they obviously enjoy the sport very much.”
According to the Daily Mail newspaper, she added: “My husband is left-handed. It’s so frustrating playing him.”
Meanwhile, the brunette beauty – who was known as Kate Middleton before she married William – seemed to have a busy day as she also rubbed shoulders with American tennis player Serena Williams after the sporting event.
Catherine thought she was posing for a photograph with the sporting legend but was left red-faced when she realised she was actually featuring on her Snapchat video.