Prince Harry attends Sported meeting

Britain’s Prince Harry visited Loughborough University on Wednesday (06.07.16) to take part in discussions with the charity Sported.
The 31-year-old royal was invited along to join a number of people from nationwide sporting organisations to talk about the new ‘Bridging The Gap’ campaign, which is supported by Sport England, to encourage young people to connect in areas that are ranked in the bottom 20 percent of Areas of Indices of Multiple Deprivation (IMD) to agencies that are working within the sports sector.
A spokesperson for Sported said: “By attending today’s event Prince Harry has gained insight into some of the great work that is taking place around the country by community groups, who are developing the life chances of at-risk young people through sports and leisure activities.”
Meanwhile, earlier this week His Royal Highness turned down a kiss during an official engagement in England on Tuesday (05.07.16).
Harry was visiting Wigan when one eager fan asked him for a smooch but Harry politely shook her hand instead.
And red-faced royal also turned down a request from a mother who asked him to kiss her baby as he was worried he would make the tot cry.
Addressing the baby, Harry said: “You don’t want a kiss from me because then you’ll cry won’t you.”