Prince Harry tests for HIV via Facebook live video

Prince Harry has been tested for HIV via a Facebook live stream.
The 31-year-old royal underwent the medical examination at Guys and St. Thomas’ hospital on Thursday (14.07.16) to encourage people to get themselves checked, and Harry has confirmed as “HIV non-reactive”, which means he is “fine”.
The video, which was broadcasted live via The Royal Family’s Facebook account, sees the red head discuss the disease with the medical expert and have his blood examined to normalise the procedure.
Speaking in the clip, he said: “It’s normal for me, even though I’m not from this part of London or being the person that I am and the people I am sitting around, I am still here being tested.”
And Harry was amazed the results appear within a matter of minutes.
He said: “Wow, that’s me.
It’s amazing how accurate it is. Some blood tests you have to wait weeks.”
The Doctor then confirmed his result, and said: “The result is given as a dot. If there was a problem there would be two dots.
“Here you have HIV non-reactive, so everything is fine.”
The doctor detailed the procedure beforehand and told Harry it will be “Little bit of a finger print test”.
However, Harry wanted to ensure people at home did not fear a negative result and explained the process one will have to undergo if the result came back different.
He said: “I suppose if it was two dots, for the sake of everybody else back home, we would end up having a conversation, then another blood test … and if it is then it is a series of events that sees me take one pill every day for the rest of my life.
“So whether you’re a man, woman, gay, straight, black or white, even ginger, why wouldn’t you come along?”
Meanwhile, Harry was left “covered” in his own bodily fluids afterwards.
When asked if he needed a plaster, he quipped: “No thank you. You’ve covered me in my own blood.”