Queen Elizabeth’s Buckingham Palace home is ‘absolutely magnificent’

Queen Elizabeth’s Buckingham Palace home is “absolutely magnificent”.
The 21-year-old Vancouver community activist Gunjan Mhapankar has revealed the interior of the monarch’s London-based abode is “gold embossed” everywhere, and has very “intricate” detailing throughout the home.
Speaking to Hello! Online about the Palace, she said: “It’s absolutely magnificent.
“Everything is gold-embossed. It’s really quite intricate and really splendid on the inside.”
And the former England football captain David Beckham has revealed he had “goosebumps” when he entered the famous building.
He said: “It gives me goosebumps just driving through the gate.”
Meanwhile, Gunjan – who met the 90-year-old royal at the Young Leaders Awards, which recognised 60 winners from the commonwealth for their leadership skills – has admitted she expected Elizabeth to be the stereotype of a Queen, and was surprised to learn the monarch is “sweet and humble”.
She explained: “I was expecting her to be like a queen but she’s actually very sweet and humble. She’s very down-to-earth and very one with the young people, which was quite surprising and quite lovely.”
And fellow Canadian Kelly Lovell, 21, found Elizabeth very welcoming.
Speaking about her encounter, she said: “She makes you feel very comfortable when you’re around her, and immediately at ease.
“I’m speechless to be honest, it’s definitely an unforgettable moment.
“My nana’s been watching the Queen for so long because she’s the same age. She’s never understood the work I do, like entrepreneurship… but she understands what it means to meet the Queen. So she’s kind of like ‘Oh, I finally get what my granddaughter does!'”