Duchess Catherine is a ‘style icon’

Duchess Catherine is a “style icon”.
Francesca Kelly and her sister Marianna Doyle – who operate as Soru Jewellery – designed a number of pairs of earrings for the 34-year-old royal and were thrilled when they spotted the mother-of-two wearing them two days in a row.
Francesca told HELLO! magazine: “It’s been a whirlwind. The Duchess of Cambridge is not only a style icon but a wonderful role model and we are very proud to see her looking so beautiful in our jewellery.
“I found out the morning after [the event]. My first thought was to call my sister. We were both thrilled and eagerly guessing which pair it could have been. Pearl was the perfect choice as it is both classic and chic.”
Meanwhile, it was previously revealed that the Soru Baroque Pearl Double Sided Earring, which are worth £130, are her new go-to accessory.
They said: “We were absolutely thrilled to see the Duchess wearing our earrings to the Arts Awards and Wimbledon last week. [It symbolises] a pure heart and mind, innocent and faith … with links to the moon and water they help to balance emotions.
“There is now a waiting list for the pieces both there and online. [But] we are very proud to see her looking so beautiful in our jewellery!”