Queen Elizabeth attends Fashioning a Reign launch

Queen Elizabeth attended the launch of ‘Fashioning a Reign’ at Buckingham Palace over the weekend.
The 90-year-old royal was no doubt filled with nostalgia as she strolled around the new exhibit showcasing more than 70 iconic outfits worn by Elizabeth during her 64-year reign.
Talking about the head of the throne’s impact on British fashion, the curator of the fashion exhibition, Caroline de Guitaut told PEOPLE: “She has been steadfast in her support of British design. That is quite something over such a period of time.
“Her unswerving support of British design is very much a theme of the exhibition and giving visitors an understanding of what it takes to make couture clothing.”
Some of those on display included a green gown, which the Queen wore to Mexico in 1975 and a black dress, which she wore on a visit to the Vatican in Rome in 1961.
Fashion expert Guitaut explained that the colour’s the Queen wears have to reflect the place she visits and so her attire takes on a “diplomatic role”.
She said: “It’s an important aspect of the Queen’s wardrobe whereby every colour or embroidery motif can convey messages without the need to speak. The clothes perform a diplomatic role.”