Prince Harry in Malawi to help 500 elephants relocate

Prince Harry is to help relocate 500 elephants in South East Africa.
British High Commissioner Micheal Nevin has confirmed the 31-year-old royal will be in Malawi for “quite a while” while helps move the animals to a wildlife reserve in what will be one of the biggest conservation projects in history.
Harry spent last summer working on various projects in the area and will be involved in the job of relocating the elephants from two parks in the south of the country so that they are at less risk of being harmed by humans.
And the flame-haired prince will be a great help to the locals, as last year he was all hands on deck as he had an encounter with a lion during in his three-month expedition.
Simson Uri-Khob the CEO of the charity which helps endangered animals, previously said of the Harry’s help: “The lion was sedated and he just jumped right in and helped.
“He is like an African man. He likes to be out there, sleeping under the stars knowing that he is close to dangerous animals.
“He helped with everything, from fixing a tire to cooking the food to packing up.
“He even helped to take a punctured tire off the vehicle and attach a new one. He jumped into everything we did.”
Meanwhile, Prince Harry has urged people to get tested for HIV.
The 31-year-old royal was joined by Sir Elton John as he signed the United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS’ ProTest wall in Durban, South Africa last week where he questioned why anyone wouldn’t want to take the simple test.
A series of tweets on Kensington Palace’s official Twitter account reads: “Prince Harry and Sir Elton John have just signed @UNAIDS ProTEST wall to support regular HIV testing #ProTESTHIV …
“Prince Harry’s message on the @UNAIDS #ProTESTHIV wall – ‘Get tested! Why wouldn’t you? Harry’ (sic)”
The flame-haired royal and the ‘Rocket Man’ hitmaker are due to address the International AIDS Conference on Thursday (21.07.16) where they will talk about how the disease can affect young people.