Prince Charles helps locals pick seaweed

Prince Charles helped pick seaweed in the Scottish Highlands.
The 67-year-old royal toured New Wave Foods factory, which handpicks seaweed in the local area, as well as helping the employees pick some of the natural product from Mey beach.
Peter Elbourne, operations director of New Wave Foods, said: “The far north of Scotland is blessed with cool, clean water that is ideal for high quality seaweed. Sustainability is central to what we do; stocks are carefully managed and our harvesters are trained to cut seaweed to allow regrowth. Getting to where we are today has required a lot of hard work and we’re delighted to be able to show HRH The Prince of Wales our operations.”
Whilst operations manager Thomas McGee added: “There is limited access for jobs in this area and this is an avenue that may create more opportunities for local people, especially as we are now very close to producing our own products.”
During his visit to the Highlands, the Prince of Wales – who is first in line to the British throne – also visited Wick Sheriff Court, which was celebrating its 150th anniversary.
Sheriff Berry, who presides at the court, shared: “It’s an opportunity for anyone here today to see the input from the sheriff clerks, the procurator fiscal, police, social workers and honorary sheriffs – people in the community who can deal with certain matters.
“This is a big geographical area and it’s very important we have access to justice for anyone in the community, so that people who have a civil claim of a fairly straightforward nature can come along and deal with it easily. On the other end of the scale we deal with serious criminal charges sitting with a jury of 15 people.”