Prince Harry attends Princeess Diana’s nephew’s wedding

Prince Harry attended the wedding of his late mother Princess Diana’s nephew.
The 31-year-old royal showed that he’s still close to his mother’s side of the family by attending George McCorquodale’s nuptials to his wife Bianca Moore on Saturday (05.08.16) at Netherwood Farm in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.
According to Daily Mirror newspaper, guests were told “no personal photos or cell phone photography allowed” to avoid Harry and several VIP guests appearing in unauthorised photos.
George’s wedding is not the first family function Harry has attended since his mother’s passing, as in 2013 he was a guest at his cousin Alexander Fellowes big day.
Alexander is the son of Diana’s sister Jane and George is Diana’s sister Lady Sarah’s son.
Harry returned to Malawi in South Africa last month and is believed to be there for “quite a while” while helps move 500 elephants to a wildlife reserve in what will be one of the biggest conservation projects in history.
Meanwhile, Harry’s trip to see his cousin comes after the prince spoke of his regret of not talking about his mother’s death sooner.
Harry – who was just 12 years old when his mother tragically passed away in 1997 – hosted a BBQ event for the mental health charity campaign ‘Heads Together’ at Kensington Palace where he talked about mental health with several special guests including retired footballer Rio Ferdinand.
Speaking to Ferdinand – who lost his wife Rebecca Ellison from cancer last year – about his mother’s passing, Harry said: “You know, I really regret not ever talking about it.”
Harry also urged those struggling with depression and any form of mental illness to speak up no matter what their situation is.
He said: “It’s OK to suffer, but as long as you talk about it. It is not a weakness. Weakness is having a problem and not recognising it and not solving that problem.
“A lot of people think if you’ve got a job, if you’ve got financial security, if you’ve got a family, you’ve got a house, all that sort of stuff, everyone seems to think that is all you need and you are absolutely fine to deal with stuff.”