Queen Victoria’s Stockings will be Sold at an Auction

Queen Victoria’s silk stockings are set to be auctioned off.
The late monarch – who died in 1901 – will have a pair of her 170-year-old cream undergarments, which have one small ladder in and have her initials embroidered in red, sold at a Newcastle auctioneer Anderson and Garland.
Speaking to BBC News about the upcoming sale, a specialist at the auction house, Fred Wyrley-Birch, said: “When I was shown the stockings by the current owner, I was immediately reminded of a scene in the film The Young Victoria where Prince Albert knelt at Queen Victoria’s feet and rolled her silk stockings up her legs.”
However the item reveals a side to Victoria – who was recognised for wearing all-black following the death of her husband Prince Albert in 1861 – people would not associate her too.
Fred explained: “It [The stockings] contradicts the image we usually have of Queen Victoria as a rather large elderly lady dressed in black.”
And it is believed the royal’s personal items date back to the 1840s, and were among one of Victoria’s garments she wore during her 20s.
Victoria’s stockings are currently owned by a private collector and are rumoured to fetch over £150 when the bidding begins.
Last year the British royal’s underwear proved a success when a pair of her bloomers sold at an auction for £12,000, whilst five years prior a separate pair of her stockings were snatched up for almost half the price at £700.
It has been reported following Victoria’s death her wardrobe staples were regularly distributed out to members of the royal household and staff.