A student is arrested for threatening to kill the Queen

A student has been arrested for threatening to kill the Queen.
A 25-year-old Chinese student, Hang Zhang, attempted to smuggle a knife, which he hid in his shoe, into Buckingham Palace, London, and reportedly had the intention of killing the monarch, according to the Mail Online.
Hang was arrested at Her Majesty’s home on Friday (12.08.16) but this is the fourth attempt to breach the building within three months.
However the Queen was not residing at the London estate during the time.
Hang has claimed his threatening attack was in response to him allegedly being chased by government agents who were following him.
And he has blamed the aggressive and menacing comments to attack Britain’s monarch was because he is mentally unstable, which saw the charge dropped after he pleaded insanity.
Hang appeared at Westminster Magistrates Court on Monday (15.08.16) following his attempted attack for possessing a dangerous weapon.
Meanwhile it has been reported a drunk man breached the perimeter of Buckingham Palace after he climbed a fence, which was guarded with motion sensors and security wire and ambled around the palace gardens for approximately 14 minutes last week.
Whilst a royal fanatic was found outside of the building in possession of three lock knives a few days prior to the monarch’s 90th birthday this year, and is due to be sentenced later this month.
The 47-year-old man, John Bolton, reportedly told police officers he was working for the Queen and her husband Prince Philip, which allowed him to stay on the premises for five days.