Queen Elizabeth to honour Team GB

Queen Elizabeth is reportedly planning to honour Team GB after the Olympics in Rio.
The stars of the 2016 Olympic games including runner Mo Farah CBE, cyclist Laura Trott and gymnast Max Whitlock are beeing tipped to be recognised in the New Year’s Honours list.
Prime Minister Theresa May said: “For the past fortnight, the people of the United Kingdom have been filled with pride as we’ve watched our Olympians take victory in so many sports with power, grace and control. In every discipline and at every stage, Team GB have shown the world what we’re made of” determination, dignity and true sportsmanship.
“They haven’t just made history; by showing just how far talent and hard work can take you, they have inspired the next generation.”
According to the Daily Express, sources at the Palace have said they are in talks to hold parades in London and Manchester in October once the games are finished.
With many heading to Buckingham Palace next year to be awarded in the New Year’s Honours List.
Last year saw Idris Elba and Dame Barbara Windsor honoured.
Idris said of the honour: “Awards and honours come in all shapes and sizes and all as significant as the other but this is beyond special, as it comes from Queen and country and I couldn’t be more proud for receiving this right now, what a year… On me head son!”
Barbara added of her own award: “For a girl from the East End born into a working class family and an evacuee during World War Two, this is truly like a dream. I am so happy and blessed to say it’s real.”