Duchess Camilla opens vet hospital at Battersea Dogs + Cats Home

Duchess Camilla opened a veterinary hospital at Battersea Dogs & Cats Home on Wednesday (07.09.16).
The 69-year-old royal was on hand to officially open the hospital and a Centre of Excellence and was joined by television personality and Battersea Ambassador Paul O’Grady as well as Battersea Chief Executive Claire Horton.
The Duchess of Cornwall toured the new facilities including the hospital, which will help treat the 5,000 dogs and 3,000 cats the home cares for at its centres across London, Berkshire and Kent.
The royal – who adopted two pet Jack Russells from the centre four years ago – was desperate to take another pooch back home with her.
She told MailOnline: “We’ve had to have a bit of extra training and will probably be in to have some more. But why would you go out and buy a dog when you can come to Battersea and rescue one?
“I am literally having to hold myself back and stop popping one in my bag, they are all so gorgeous. But I think three would be a little but too much and I’m not sure my two girls would be that accepting of a stranger. I’ll just have to persuade everyone else to go and get one!”
Elsewhere on her visit, The Duchess met some of the organisation’s staff and volunteers as well as some of the resident pooches.