Sarah Ferguson feeling healthier after trips to the Ayuwave clinic

Sarah Ferguson has noticed a “substantial change in her health” since she started attending the Ayuwave clinic.
The Duchess of York has been making consistent trips to the clinic in Wimpole Street, London, which is known for using holistic approaches to treatment.
She told the Daily Mail newspaper: “Ayuwave has really helped me. I fully support the combination of Ayurvedic practice and modern medicine. I believe strongly in them.
“Thomas Mueller is an Ayurvedic practitioner and Dr Vijay Murthy is a doctor of medicine. They combine both qualities to treat the core of the problem rather than just a Band-Aid. I have noticed a substantial change in my health thanks to these two people at Ayuwave.”
Meanwhile, the 56-year-old star – who was previously married to Prince Andrew – was recently spotted enjoying a holiday in Greece with Kate Moss as well a four-day trip to Australia, where she spoke at the Macquarie Graduate School of Management in Sydney.
Her publicist said at the time: “While all her expenses are being covered, she is not being paid any appearance fees and she is not promoting any products … she is here because she is passionate about women in business and helping to inspire women to do better though education.
“She is in a really great place, she is looking fantastic and really excited to be here again.”