Airport to Be Named After Princess Diana?

A campaign has been launched to rename Cardiff Airport after Princess Diana.
Former Cardiff councillor Mohammed Sarul Islam set up the petition, which is to be discussed by the Welsh Government, to name the venue Princess Diana International Airport to attract more visitors to the Welsh capital city.
He said: “Using Princess Diana’s name would boost the airport worldwide because the name would attract people to the airport and make it more well known.
“As she’s a very famous figure it would attract people here.”
Diana was known as the Princess of Wales but was tragically killed in a car crash aged 36 in 1997.
The petition required at least 10 signatures to be considered by government officials and managed to attract 16.
A post on the National Assembly of Wales website recognised the campaign.
Under the heading Text of the Petition, it read: “We the undersigned call on the Welsh Government to rename Cardiff International Airport to “Princess Diana International Airport.”
On the subject of Additional Information, it stated: “To rename Cardiff International Airport will get more publicity and Welsh customers.”
But Cardiff International Airport bosses are not so keen and are said to have rejected the suggestion.
A spokesperson for the airport told Wales Online: “We have no plans to change our name.”