Prince Charles unveils Buckingham Palace ‘replica’

Britain’s Prince Charles has unveiled a replica of Buckingham Palace in his Dorset village.
The spectacular palladian building in the village of Poundbury – which is owned by the Prince’s Duchy of Cornwall – sits in the heart of Queen Mother Square and has been named Strathmore House in tribute to Charles’ beloved late grandmother, whose father was the 14th Earl of Strathmore.
Strathmore House features a large balcony with two spectacular villages and houses eight £650,000 apartments, all of which have been bought.
Next door to the building is a five-storey public house named the Duchess of Cornwall at Charles’ request, which is modelled on one of the queen mother’s favourite places, the Ritz Hotel.
As well as featuring a pub and restaurant, the Duchess of Cornwall – a joint venture between the Duchy of Cornwall and brewery Hall and Woodhouse – also boasts conference facilities and hotel accommodation.
On the other side of the square, a block of 20 flats and a spa is being erected and will be known as Royal Pavilion, the name one of the queen mother’s racehorses.
At the heart of the area will be a 10ft tall statue of the beloved royal, who died aged 101 in 2002.
Charles decided long ago to honour his grandmother with his Poundbury development.
Simon Conibear, from the Duchy of Cornwall, said: “The square has been planned since the inception of the project – it is part of Poundbury.
“It is physically in the centre of Poundbury and will include a statue of the Queen Mother. His Royal Highness wanted to commemorate his grandmother.”
Despite the apparent similarities between Strathmore House and the queen’s London residence, architects Quinlan and Francis Ferry insist the resemblance to Buckingham Palace wasn’t intentional.
Their spokesperson said: “Buckingham Palace was never the inspiration for Strathmore House. The major influence for all our work at Queen Mother Square is the English Palladian tradition.”