Prince Harry impresses with Dab dance move

Prince Harry impressed a group of girls when he showed off a “Dab” dance move on Tuesday (20.09.16).
The 31-year-old royal was attending a youth mentor training event in Aberdeen, Scotland, when he put on some shapes and one in particular, known as The Dab, seemed to impress onlookers who were seen with open-mouthed expressions on their faces.
The move was originally made famous by NFL star Cam Newton, who plays for the Carolina Panthers and performs it as his celebration when he scores a touchdown.
One standout performance was in November 15, 2015 when the Panthers were facing the Tennessee Titans and Newton celebrated with the move in the faces of some of the opposing players.
To perform The Dab, a dancer drops his head while raising his arm and elbow at the same time.
Some have compared the move to sneezing.
Manchester United footballer Paul Pogba has also been known to perform the dance when he scores a goal.
Harry’s shapes come less than a week after his elder brother, Prince William, 34, tried his hand at dancing at a youth centre in London.
William attempted a “shoulder shiver” with some of the young visitors to Caius House Youth Centre in Battersea, but, unlike Harry, he failed to impress.
As he tried to copy the moves of the Scariofunk Dance Collective, a street dance crew from the English capital, he said: “I can never get the shoulder shiver right. There is no pressure, because I will look ridiculous.”