Buckingham Palace flagpole refurbished

Buckingham Palace’s flag pole has been refurbished.
Workers have been busy cleaning up the gold and red structure, which features the shape of a crown at the top, at Queen Elizabeth’s home and the “finishing touches” have now been applied.
A tweet on the official Royal Family Twitter account read: “The finishing touches have been applied to the newly refurbished flagpole at Buckingham Palace”
It’s not the only refurbishment to have been carried out at Buckingham Palace this summer.
Work was underway recently to install more satellite channels at the royal residence.
A planning report stated: “Televisions within Buckingham Palace are fed by a signal distribution system that runs throughout the building.
“The system is now 12 years old and is to be replaced.
“We are looking to install the new satellite dishes during the summer recess when the Queen is at Balmoral.”
It was hoped the work will be completed in time for the queen’s return from her Scottish residence.
Last year, it was revealed Buckingham Palace needed new plumbing and wiring.
A source said: “One option is for the palace to be vacated. The initial estimate for the refurbishment of Buckingham Palace looks like £150 million.
“That depends on how you go about refurbishment, whether you do it in parts or the whole thing (at once).”