Pippa Middleton hacker arrested

A “respectable” stay-at-home father has been arrested in connection with the hacking of Pippa Middleton’s iCloud account.
The 33-year-old author – who is the younger sister of Duchess Catherine – had 3,000 of her digital photos stolen and reportedly offered for sale, and police are now quizzing 35-year-old Nathan Wyatt, much to the surprise of his neighbours in Northamptonshire, East Midlands.
Neighbour Patricia Kightly said of Nathan and his fiancée Kelly Howell: “They are a nice, respectable couple. I have only only heard them squabbling twice in the years they’ve been here.
“They’ve even kept an eye on my house while I’ve been away for me so they are people I trust.”
Another surprised local resident told The Sun newspaper: “He stays at home and she works.
“They all turned up at 10pm on Saturday night. They were taking a lot of pictures in the house but also outside.
“The cops were checking in the boot of his car and looking for paperwork.
“He is friendly and always says good morning – police haven’t told us what it is about.”
Police have confirmed they have made an arrest in connection with the case.
They said: “Detectives investigating the hacking of a personal iCloud account have made an arrest.
“On Saturday evening, a 35-year-old man was arrested at an address in Northamptonshire.
“He was arrested on suspicion of a Computer Misuse Act offence and is being taken into custody at south London police station. Enquiries continue.”
The hacked images – which were offered for sale by someone demanding £50,000 within 48 hours – included pictures of Pippa’s nephew Prince George and niece Princess Charlotte, a photo of the party planner at a wedding dress fitting and a nude shot of her fiance James Matthews.