Princess Beatrice did charity swim

Princess Beatrice took part in a swim in Sicily on Tuesday (27.09.16).
The 28-year-old royal – the granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip – joined tycoon Sir Richard Branson for a 3.3km race in Italy to raise cash for the youth charity, Big Change.
The strawberry-blonde beauty slipped into a wetsuit as she clutched hold of her chest prior to the race in a bid to keep warm.
Just before the claxon rang, the princess slipped her snorkel gear over her face so that she can pick up speed under water.
Once she completed the swim, Beatrice hopped out of the water and celebrated her achievement by throwing her arms around her friend.
The princess has had a busy few weeks as just last weekend she went on a blind date following her split from Dave Clark.
However, things didn’t go according to plan with her mystery suitor, as he had no idea he was being set up with a member of the British royal family and was left sweating and shaking with nerves throughout their meeting.
A source said recently: “Bea went on a date with a man who arrived with flowers but was left pouring with sweat when he realised who his date was. Beatrice found it very funny – it was great to break the ice, great practice and he was a great guy, she said.”
It was previously claimed Beatrice and Dave had gone their separate ways because he didn’t want to get married.
A source explained: “After ten years together, Beatrice and Dave had to wonder why they were not married.
“They talked it through and decided to take time apart to reflect on the future. They remain friends and the decision to break up was mutual.”
And after the duo agreed that marriage was not a likely prospect in the near future, they decided to terminate their relationship altogether.
The source shared: “Beatrice has become a lot more assertive and confident recently. She gave Dave an ultimatum, but it backfired because he did not ask her to marry him. They both agreed that with no marriage in their future, it was time to go separate ways.”