Princess Charlene ready for ‘terrible twos’

Princess Charlene is preparing herself for the “terrible twos”.
The 38-year-old princess and her husband Prince Albert are bracing themselves for their twins Princes Jacques and Princess Gabriella, 18 months, to enter the notoriously difficult phase of toddlerhood that can see an increase in tantrums as they try to exert independence.
Speaking at the US launch of the Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation, she told TV star Mary Hart: “I’m hearing about the terrible twos now that they’re 18 months. I’m preparing myself for this.”
The former swimmer – who joined diving champion Greg Louganis in the pool to promote water safety for children at the launch – is currently focused on raising her children and educating them on the “responsibility” of royal life.
She said: “For now, I’m a full time mom. I don’t know how long that will be for. But yes, it is quite a difficult situation in comparison to the normal folk. We do have responsibilities and duties, and of course my son and my daughter are born into our responsibility. So it’s quite something for me to accept that and to educate them.”
But the youngsters are already aware of their royal status.
Asked when she and Albert plan to explain their position to the twins, she laughed: “They already know that. Jacques had his first kiss at 16 months with a crush and Gabriella is just fabulous.”
Charlene is fascinated by the differences between her son and daughter.
She said: “They’re very similar, but quite different. It’s interesting to see the development just over the months.”
And it seems diaper duty is shared in the royal household.
Asked who changes the twins, she smiled: “It’s a marathon.”