Piece of Princess Diana’s cake to be auctioned

A slice of cake from Prince William’s baptism is to be auctioned.
‘Posh Pawn’ host James Constantinou has revealed the unique item, which was made by the late Princess Diana for her eldest son’s christening, is to be sold on the Channel 4 programme.
He said: “We’ve got a piece of Lady Diana’s cake. We’ve got it there now in a little commemorative box from the palace.
“It’s horrible. It’s like an old bit of Christmas cake. It smells as well to be quite honest with you so it’s kept wrapped up.”
The once sweet treat was made for William’s religious ceremony held on August 4, 1982, at Buckingham Palace.
A message on the tin reads: “With best wishes from Their Royal Highnesses The Prince and Princess of Wales on the occasion of the Christening of Prince William of Wales.”
James doesn’t think the out of date cake will make very much but thinks it is still an “interesting” piece.
He told Express.co.uk: “We’ve had it out and had a little look at it. It’s just a very interesting thing for us to have. It’s not of any great value, to be honest with you, it’s probably hundreds of pounds as opposed to thousands, but it’s just interesting.”
The popular pawn broker obtained the slice of cake by someone who donated the money they gave him to charity.
He said: “Diana presented a piece of her cake to some of the Falklands vets, some of the wounded.
“This piece has been presented to us and we ended up purchasing it and the guy who brought it in donated the money to charity for a good cause.”