Prince William thrilled by rhino births

Prince William is thrilled that rhinos he sent off into the wild have given birth.
The 34-year-old royal – who is a president of the charity Tusk Trust – backed a campaign in 2012 that saw three black rhinos taken back to their home in Tanzania in South Africa from Port Lympne Wildlife Park in Kent, south-east England.
And William was filled with joy to hear one of the robust animals called Grumeti gave birth to baby rhino called Mobo in April and Zawadi also gave birth in June and is yet to name her little baby.
The Duke of Cambridge – who is married to Duchess Catherine – proudly told The Mail on Sunday newspaper: “It’s great to hear the news. The past few years have been a dark time for African rhinos. This success story reminds us what can be achieved by committed conservationists even in the face of considerable challenge.
“It is incredibly difficult to get rhinos that have previously been in captivity to breed in the wild, so huge congratulations to the team that made this happen.”
Damian Aspinall, of the Aspinall Foundation at the wildlife park, commented: “When you release animals into the wild, it’s very emotional. They give you a look like they are trying to thank you. For these rhinos to have given birth naturally in the wild is everything we could hope for. This is something we as a country should be very proud of – no one else in the world is approaching conservation the way Britain is.”