Pampered Pups: Queen’s Corgis Have Own Royal Menu

Queen Elizabeth’s corgis have their own menu which consists of fresh rabbit, beef, chicken and lamb.

The 90-year-old monarch’s former chef, Darren McGrady—who worked for the royal for 11 years—has revealed the canines are extremely well looked after, so much so he would have to cook up special meals for the mutts on a daily basis.

He said: “When I worked at the Palace, we actually had a royal menu for the dogs. It would be chosen and sent to us in the kitchen every month by Mrs Fennick, who took care of all the dogs at Sandringham.”

He continues, “It would list each day what the dogs were to have. One day it would be beef, the next day chicken, the next day lamb, the next day rabbit and it alternated through those days. The beef would come in, we would cook it, dice it into really fine pieces and then we did same with the chicken. We’d poach them, and again chop them really, really small to make sure there were no bones so the dogs wouldn’t choke.”

The chef also revealed the queen’s pooches would indulge in freshly caught food if Prince William or Prince Harry had a successful hunting day.

He added to HELLO! online: “Prince William and Prince Harry used to shoot rabbits on the Windsor Estate, so we’d get the rabbits, they’d have to be cleaned and then cooked.

“Some days some of the dogs were—shall we say for a better word—a little bunged up so we’d have to add cabbage on the menu, and then other days we’d actually put rice in there for the other way. It really was a case of following the menu.”