Prince Charles asked Phil Collins to organise his 40th birthday party

Prince Charles asked Phil Collins to organise his 40th birthday party.

The 65-year-old singer has admitted the 67-year-old royal turned around to him when the pair were at a Michael Jackson concert at London’s Wembley arena and asked the former Genesis frontman to plan a bash for his milestone 27 years ago.

Speaking on ‘The Jonathan Ross Show’, which will air on ITV on Saturday (22.10.16), the musician said: “We went to a Michael Jackson show at Wembley and I was sitting behind him because I was a trustee and when Michael Jackson was playing something, he turned around and said ‘I’d like something like this at my party. Will you organise it?’

“And you think ‘Yes, of course, sir, yes’ so I did but no, I just found people who could play Michael Jackson songs.”

However, Phil has admitted when he performed for the late Princess Diana to mark her 30th birthday, which took place just before Diana and Charles announced they were going their separate ways, he played “completely insensitive” songs, although he didn’t know the couple were breaking up.

Speaking about his mistake, he explained: “I played a completely insensitive set of [my hits] – ‘Separate Lives’, ‘Doesn’t Anybody Stay Together Anymore’ – and it was like, I didn’t know they were splitting up, no-one told me!”

Meanwhile, Phil – who has reignited his romance with his ex-wife Orianne – has revealed him and Charles began to bond after his split from his partner.

He said: “If the situation had arisen, I was involved in the Prince’s Trust, I had been since 1983 and so I was kind of drawn to Prince Charles, who I think is a great bloke.

“I’m not a Tory, I’m not a monarchist but I just think as a bloke, he’s a good bloke.”