Prince of Wales will be the guest of honour at this year’s Pride of Britain Awards

Prince of Wales has been confirmed as the guest of honour at this year’s Pride of Britain Awards.
The 67-year-old royal is set to attend the star studded bash alongside Carol Vorderman, who will host this year’s event, which will see Charles present the special award to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Prince’s Trust.
And Charles has admitted he is “delighted” the trust’s Young Achiever category, which has been a part of the annual awards ceremony since 2001, recognises young people’s achievements.
Speaking to the Mirror Online about The Daily Mirror’s Pride of Britain Awards, which is in partnership with TSB, and has been set up to honour those who contribute to the community by helping others, he said: “These marvellous awards remind all of us that throughout this country there are extraordinary people living selfless lives, showing unbelievable courage and caring for their families, neighbours and communities.
“I am delighted that once again my Trust has an award category to recognise young people’s achievements.”
The event, which will see Charles present the award for the third time, will see over one hundred celebrity guests, including Olympic champions, sports stars and politicians, join to celebrate the selfless acts of individuals who have received help from the Trust, and have consequently continued on their act of kindness by helping others too.
The person to claim the title of Young Achiever will be handpicked by the panel of judges, which include Trust ambassadors Jenni Falconer and Fearne Cotton.
The Pride of Britain Awards is set to take place at London’s Grosvenor House at the end of this month, but will be aired on ITV on November 1 at 8pm.