Sarah Ferguson: ‘Queen Elizabeth makes me nervous’

Sarah Ferguson says Queen Elizabeth makes her nervous.
The 57-year-old producer and writer, who was previously married to the Queen’s son Prince Andrew, admitted that she still gets apprehensive before meeting with the royal but insists that her former mother-in-law does her best to make everyone feel comfortable.
Speaking on the ‘Kyle and Jackie O’ show in Australia, she said: “I always get really nervous before meeting the boss.
“But of course, she’s brilliant. She makes you feel comfortable within the first five seconds.”
And in the same interview, Sarah said she and Prince Andrew – who divorced in 1992 after six years of marriage – “never really left each other”.
She said: “We’re divorced to each other right now. We’ve never really left each other.”
When co-host Kyle Sandilands continued, “You’re still together sort of,” Sarah replied: “Yes. I think the happily ever after…I’m actually writing a book about that too.
“it is about just because in our fairytales, which when we were little we were brought up with, that along comes the prince on a white charger in the castle.
“Actually, what if the real, true thing is to find yourself and to find peace and happiness within yourself?
“That is where the true nurturing, the true castle is, is you. And then after that, see what happens.”
Andrew and Sarah have daughters Princess Beatrice, 28, and Princess Eugenie, 26, and she insisted that her children are her proudest achievement.
Sarah said: “I look at them and think ‘wow’. No matter what I’ve done in my life, there’s one thing I know 100 per cent is I’ve been a really good mother.”